Command Your
Reader’s Attention

Captivate gives you gripping content that helps you connect with your audience and get those conversions.

Content That Stands Out

The internet has over 50 trillion words. If you want anyone to read your content, it needs to be compelling and memorable. 

The writers at Captivate push boundaries with our signature combination of wit, humor, and suspense. With our storytelling skills in your back pocket, you’ll keep your readers engaged—and make a lasting impact on them.

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The production was high-quality, delivery was on-time, and communication was a breeze. 10/10 would hire again.
Scott Schulfer, SEO Manager at Zendesk

Build relationships and grow your brand.

Engaging content has the power to win over your readers, earn their trust, and cultivate strong relationships. Let our words do the heavy lifting, then leverage your new relationships to grow your brand like never before.

Blog Content

Build brand authority and cultivate qualified leads by giving your audience content so brilliant they’ll have to read it through to the end.

Lead Magnets

Curate high value ebooks and white papers that your prospects will covet enough to fork over their email addresses in exchange.

Pillar Pages

Cover one of your industry’s core topics from every angle, and earn major cred with the search engines. Then watch your traffic surge.

Website Copy

Convert site traffic into an avalanche of warm leads by telling your visitors about a new, better world that only you can help them reach.

Email Marketing

Get clever emails and lead nurture sequences that are too enticing to ignore, and use them to spark conversations with new prospects.

Connect with humans. Keep the bots happy.

SEO is important, but your prospects are people, not algorithms. Our writers focus on using empathy and understanding to connect with your ideal buyer, and artfully appeal to search engines without hurting readability. Keywords used well are just more great words.

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Win back the time you spend training a new freelancer every few months. As you work with Captivate, we record your preferences, pet peeves, and tone preferences in a detailed client profile. So even if your writer changes someday, your content won’t miss a beat.


Too much content for one writer to handle? No problem. Everything you source through us gets critiqued and edited by your account manager before it ever hits your inbox. Scale your content plan easily—with no variance in your style or voice.


Would you rather meet someone through a happy hour conversation, or by sitting through their lecture in a boardroom? Captivate adopts the former tone, and uses it to build a genuine human connection with your reader. Being relatable makes a big difference.

Tight deadline? No problem.

When you work with us, you’ll get above-and-beyond customer support whenever you need it. Our team has been known to turn around last-minute content requests in as little as 24 hours.