Lifelong creatives with a passion for telling stories

At the heart of all successful content lies a great story.
Our leaders have over 60 total years of professional storytelling experience—
and we love using it to engage audiences.

They invest themselves in gaining an intimate understanding of the needs of a business and its audience. Then they deliver high-quality work with impressive speed. Will hire again!”

-Timur Altman, CEO at Exceptional Web

Built brick by brick in the face of a pandemic storm.

When Broadway shut down in March of 2020, three professional actors found themselves facing uncertain futures. But outside of acting, they still held other professional titles: Resident Playwright, Songwriter, and Published Sports Journalist.

In the absence of live audiences, they began telling stories to digital audiences. Less than a year later, they were all fielding full-time freelance workloads, and formed an agency—Captivate Writers Collective—in order to service more clients using their shared writing principles.

Our Mission

To saturate the internet with engaging and memorable content.

Trust your brand to professional creatives.

Purely informative content isn’t enough to engage your audience. Lean on the expert storytellers at Captivate, and watch your results soar.

Storytelling principles + human empathy.

In an age where brands bend over backwards to snag extra spots in the search engine rankings, the human element of content too often takes a backseat.

Captivate aims to understand the real human beings behind the other screen, and create stories that speak to them. We believe that a great story shines through SEO tactics to build a bridge between a brand and its audience.


Our Team

About 1

Kyle Downing, Owner

Kyle has been a professional writer for his entire adult life, and a storyteller since early childhood. At five years old, he began writing holiday plays with his brothers and cousins, and performing them for their entire extended family. He was first published as a fifth grader. During Kyle’s college years, half a dozen of his plays were performed on the main stage at his alma mater, Baldwin Wallace University.

Before bringing Captivate to life, Kyle was an Editor at FanSided, and a part-time sports journalist at He’s best known for infusing gripping story arcs into just about anything, and fearlessly breaking the form in order to make the reader chuckle.

Kyle’s proudest accomplishments include earning his MFA in Acting, writing the pilot for his web series (Back on the Market), and of course building Captivate from the ground up. Off the clock, he enjoys online strategy games, baseball analytics, and cocktail mixology. More than anything, though, he loves going on adventures with his beautiful wife Holly and his son Declan.

About 1

Andrea Love, Lead Editor

Andrea has been a writer, editor, and dabbler in diverse genres for most of the last decade. Various accolades and awards for her playwriting, lyrics, non-fiction, and poetry have trickled in since childhood, and she is thrilled to have arrived at a career where she can use these skills to maneuver words into precise and compelling sequences.

As a professional playwright, actor, and music director, Andrea also understands the complexities of capturing the human spirit in action and word. She is fascinated by the personal stories and factual intricacies of every client, and works tirelessly to use the power of language to produce gripping, readable content, no matter the form.

In her (not so) secret artistic life, Andrea earned an MFA in Acting, wrote and produced a hit parody musical in NorCal, and is taking a children’s educational musical to be workshopped in the UK this spring. She enjoys leading with empathy, playing cooperative board games, and cooking (and eating) delicious new recipes.