Your brand is somebody’s miracle.

With a little help from us, you can show them why—and make them come running to you.

Uncommon empathy.

Truly effective copy reads someone’s mind and writes them a future where they want to live. That requires a superhuman ability to see the world through their eyes.

Captivate is run by MFA actors. That’s right—we literally have master’s degrees in the study of human empathy. Our expertise will help you learn what your buyer wants, and paint them a picture of a world where you’ve given it to them.

This was a great experience. Happy to have the work done and done well and done quickly. When I have additional work in the future (which I will because of this copy), I plan to contact Captivate.”

-Nzingha West, Owner of Invigorate Education

Simple. Clear. Compelling.

No fuss, no fluff, nothing fancy. Great copy is easy to understand and impossible to resist. Let’s not put any obstacles in your buyer’s way, and just say more by saying less.

Website Copy

Your website is one of the first things people check out when they’re trying to learn more about you. If you can’t pique their interest early, you’ll lose them to the back button.
Captivate helps you make every page compelling from start to finish. We’ll hook your reader immediately, and tell them an awesome story where you solve all their problems one by one.

Email Marketing

The key to driving higher response rates is to start a conversation that’s too tempting to ignore. Once you get your buyer talking, the rest comes naturally.

The writers at Captivate take a human-to-human approach with your email copy. We’ll form the connection, and let you build the relationship from there.

Committed to getting results.

Your success is our success. So if our copy isn’t working the way you need it to, we’ll tweak and mold it until it improves.